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Contact Barry
If you want to arrange an author visit, Barry will help guide you through the entire process.

References and Comments
Barry gets most of his bookings from teachers and librarians who have heard his presentation, so please read these.

Where has Barry performed? Locate schools and libraries all across the United States where Barry has visited.

Frequently asked questions
Who? What? Where? When?

Instructor Magazine
Read the article Barry wrote for instructor Magazine on using songs and stories in the classroom

We are bringing Barry to our school...Now what?
How to have a successful author visit.

Teacher Guide
How to relate Barry's books to the school curriculum: a one page link to classroom activities using Barry's books.

Teaching Web site literacy and search skills
How to use Barry's web site as a learning tool.

See how one school prepared for Barry's visit.

Free READ posters
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Web Site Activity

These questions were developed by the Children's Librarian at Milbrook Elementary School in Baltimore County, Maryland to help students gain better skills at web site searches and literacy.

Search Barry Louis Polisar's website to learn all about him and answer the following questions along the way!

Student Name: _______________________________________

Name four ways to describe Barry Louis Polisar?

1. _____________________________

2. _____________________________

3. _____________________________

4. _____________________________

Name two famous places Barry has performed?

1. _____________________________

2. _____________________________

Why was Barry given a Special Library Recognition award?


What year did Barry start writing and recording songs for children?


How did Parenting Magazine describe Barry Louis Polisar?


What is the name of Barry's new album?


What is the name of Barry's TV show?


Which of Barry's books won the Parent's Guide Award?


Name 5 of Barry's books.

1. ________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________

What was the title of the story Barry wrote when he was 8 years old?


What did the two clocks do at the end of the story? (Find the answer in the story Barry wrote when he was 8)


Barry is an author of books, songs, stories and poems. Can you name two of the illustrators who illustrated his books?


Who did the artwork for the CD cover pictured at the top of this page?


What song did Barry sing in the opening credits of the movie Juno?


How many songs are on Barry's tribute album?