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"Polisar demonstrates more respect for children than just about any other artist, celebrating them as they are and encouraging them to laugh at themselves."

The American Library Association

"If you're not familiar with Barry Polisar's enchanting yet loony brand of children's poetry, try his books. There's nothing sugary about Polisar's writing. Zany and sophisticated, Polisar's poetry is a great way to show the child interested in poetry how much fun you can have writing verse."

First Coast Parent Magazine
Jacksonville, Florida

Barry's Books

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Something Fishy

Curious Creatures

Insect Soup

Peculiar Zoo

A Little Less Noise

Don't Do That

The Trouble With Ben

The Haunted House Party

Snakes! And the Boy Who Was Afraid of Them

The Snake Who Was Afraid of People

I Don't Want To Go To School

When The House is Dark and Quiet

Noises from Under the Rug
(Original edition)

Noises From Under the Rug Songbook

Dinosaurs I Have Known

Stolen Man

Telling The Story Haggadah

Retelling Genesis